online Groceries for yachts
in New Caledonia.

Restocking with food and supplies is easy for yachts in New Caledonia because there is an excellent online Noumea supermarket where you can order whatever you like - including a bottle of cooking gas or other items you might need - and have it delivered at no cost to a marina or even a boat ramp in Noumea. How cool is that?

why ordering online will save money, time and frustration.

Before online shopping became available in Noumea, visiting yachts had to rent a car or hire a taxi to go shopping in Noumea supermarkets and that gets to be expensive and time consuming.

Actually, it's also expensive and time consuming for local yachts who are active cruisers. Grocery shopping in Noumea takes a whole morning, sometimes a whole day or even two days depending on how much you want to stock up for a cruise. It takes time to drive to the supermarkets, wander around trying to find what you need, and then waiting in line to check out.

Shopping on line with is so much faster and easier and, since delivery is free for many areas of Grand Terre, you'll save money as well as time and frustration.

They also will deliver to the Baie du Prony for a small fee and to many areas in the North of Grande Terre at no cost. Not only that, they will put your order on the Betico interisland ferry and, for 130cfp a kilo the Betico will bring your order to you in Isle of Pines or, for 160cfp per kilo, to the Loyalty Islands. If you are in a hurry, EasyMealnco will deliver it to Air Caledonie to fly it to you for about the same price (but then you have to go to the airport to get it). So if you are out there cruising and really need to order some fresh veggies, wine or other munchies you can't find locally is just what you need.

The prices are the same as you'll see in the supermarkets and, if you are in Noumea or northern Grande Terre you'll save the cost of going to a shop and back as well as save the time it takes to buy your groceries and check out.

Using the website

That's why you'll love shopping with However, their website is in French so you might need to use an online translator to figure out the site's menu system. I recommend - just copy a word or sentence from the website and paste it into and it will translate it into English for you. But most everything is done with photos anyway. Like this:

online shopping noumea

Click on Ajouter au panier to add it to your shopping basket. Rupture means they are temporarily out of stock - but that does not mean you can't ask for it anyway.

The EasyMeal website has another twist you'll never figure out yourself. Let's say you want to order 5kg of onions or 3kg of eggplants or something else. You won't find these on the website so how do you order them? Well, after selecting some of the items you need that ARE on their website, click on the shopping cart and you'll find a box on the bottom of the page that says:
"Vous pouvez ajouter une précision concernant votre commande :"

Which means You can add a detail about your order.

That really should be interpreted as

Add additional items you'd like to order or comments on delivery options.

Anyway, that's where you add your kilos of fresh veggies and other items you'd like to order.

You can order in English - no problem.