New Caledonia
Navigation Warnings

Fish Aggregation Devices - unlit

There are many unlit Fish Aggregation Devices surrounding New Caledonia - you absolutely do not want to run into one of these unlit bouys at night. Their locations are not precise as they are in very deep water with alot of cable - and so swing over a considerable distance with changes in wind and tide - steer well clear of these if you are approaching any of the three major passes into the New Caledonia lagoon along the SW coast of New Caledonia:

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Navigational Warnings

There are numerous new markers and navigational aids that are not on the marine charts. We have them on the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia and keep the guide up to date.

Notices to mariners are available here . They are in French, but the basic information - latitude and longitude and the nature of the alert is easily determined. In conjuntion with our guide there should be no problem intrepeting them.