New Caledonia Yacht Rallies and Races


Groupama Around New Caledonia Yacht Race.

The Groupama Yacht Race around New Caledonia is open to local and international yachts. The yachts race southeast to round the southern end of Grande Terre then downwind up the east coast of Grande Terre, around the northern barrier reef and then hard into the wind down the west coast.

The race begins and ends in Noumea. The race happens every two years.


Yacht Rallies and Yacht Races to New Caledonia

Travelling with other yachts is a great way to make a blue water crossing. Not only do you have the advantage of ready assistance should your yacht have a problem at sea but you also benefit from facilitated entry formalities and often the ability to clear into or out of ports that are not normal ports of entry.

2023 Yacht rallies to Noumea New Caledonia

Since 2015 The Down Under Rally has offered yacht rallies for cruisers to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Australia.
These rallies are very popular and receive exceptional reviews from participants, many of whom have never before even considered joining a rally.
The Go East Rally sails from Australia to New Caledonia in May each year and is ideal for those heading offshore for the first time.
The follow on NC2V Rally then sails from New Caledonia to Vanuatu in August.
The Go West Rally sails from Fiji & Vanuatu to Australia and offers those heading to Australia considerable benefits including the cost of Australian inward clearance fees as part of the rally entry fee.
Down Under Rally participants also have the option of joining the Loyalty Islands Rally offering the opportunity to obtain full inward clearance into New Caledonia in the Loyalty Islands instead of having to right sail past these magnificent islands to clear in at Noumea.

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The Island Cruising NZ Pacific Rally 2023

Island Cruising Rallies are extremely popular and successful rallies. The yachts make the passages together and are cleared in and out of each country as a group (thus enabling the yachts to enter in ports not available to single yachts). Once in a country, the yachts can go their own way or stay in small groups, meeting up again for the next passage.

The Pacific Rally departs mid to late May and returns in October.

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